Wheel Unlocking Service

Locking wheel nuts are very effective for securing tyres to your vehicle and preventing theft. They consist of unique patterned indents which secures them to the vehicle and can be very easily removed, should you keep hold of the locking wheel nut key. However, in some cases, this key is easily lost or misplaced and alternative measures need to be taken. There are a few reasons why you may be required to remove the wheel locking nuts from your tyre. For example, if you have a puncture or have damaged your wheel, you will need to be able to remove the wheel locking nuts to change your tyre. Also, if you take your vehicle to the garage for an issue regarding your tyres, they will often ask for the locking wheel nut key to be able to easily remove the tyres from your vehicle.

At TT Auto Centre, we provide a mobile locking wheel nut removal and tyre service. We use specialist wheel locking tools to remove all locking wheel nuts. Our specialist tools and techniques will not damage your wheels during removal of wheel nut.

Our mobile locking wheel nut removal and tyre service includes:

When there is a problem with your vehicle, it is often important to get it resolved as soon as possible. If you have misplaced the locking wheel nut key, you can purchase a replacement from your vehicle manufacturer, but often they are ordered on demand. Therefore if you have a puncture, or require your tyre changing due to wear and tear, you will be delayed in repairing your vehicle. To avoid the inconvenience of waiting to repair your vehicle, TT Auto Centre offers the best solution.

Following the removal of locking wheel nuts, we can additionally supply a new set of locking wheel nuts on request. This will be beneficial to store for the future if a necessary tyre change is required. Sometimes it is unexpected that you will have to change your tyre and therefore having additional locking wheel nuts on hand will put the mind at ease. It is recommended to keep the new set of locking wheel nuts in the vehicle, to avoid the chances of misplacing them when they are required.

*All removal of wheels will require proof of ownership before work being carried out.

If you’re having trouble with your wheel nuts, your car might be having other issues you don’t know about yet. Why not have your car serviced and find out?

Roadside Assistance

If we are unable to remove your wheel locking nuts due to some sort of damage to the wheel locking nut, your car will need to come into our workshop for possible drilling or other means to remove your locking nut.

We can arrange recovery if you cannot be driven. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that your wheels are not damaged in this process.

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