Exhaust System Services

We offer a wide range of exhausts for all vehicles at really competitive prices. We carry large stocks of all major manufacturers; however, if we don’t have your particular exhaust in stock, we can normally get it here within the hour. To find out more, call us now on 0121 356 6000.

Regular exhaust checks could help the environment as most vehicles are fitted with a catalytic converter which converts harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before they ever leave the vehicle’s­ exhaust system.

If your exhaust is not working efficiently you may be producing harmful gasses and increasing your fuel consumption; checking that your exhaust is working correctly will ensure you’re doing your bit for the environment as well as saving money!

Some of the warning signs that tell you your exhaust needs replacing includes:

Should you experience any of these warning signs, it is best to get your vehicle checked out to ensure everything is in order. Our staff are trained and experienced in the fitting of exhaust systems so if you’re after Exhaust systems in Birmingham TT Auto Centres should be your first choice.

What happens to your exhaust

The exhaust system is constantly in use whilst driving and at times, will reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees centigrade. This makes it one of the hardest working components on a vehicle.

The exhaust has to perform a multitude of tasks, silencing noise, preventing gas leakage into the passenger compartment and contributing to maximum engine power with minimum fuel consumption.

Exhausts corrode from the outside in and from the inside out. External corrosion is worsened by weather conditions particularly when salt is spread on the roads in winter.

Internally, acids produced during the combustion process normally pass through the exhaust system as gas, but on short journeys exhaust system temperatures are lower allowing the gas to condense on the inside walls, forming a very acidic liquid which attacks the insides of the exhaust system. Call us now on 0121 356 6000 for more information.

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