Car Clutch Repair & Replacement

As one of Birmingham’s leading clutch specialists, we are the number one stop for all of your fast clutch repairs and replacement needs. We have been replacing and repairing clutches for customers in Birmingham for a considerable time and have gained a competitive edge in parts supply, quality, technical fitting knowledge and speed of clutch replacement.

At TT Auto Centre we offer a 2 year/18,000 warranty on all complete new clutches kits fitted on “OE” specification parts (We also offer a price match Guarantee) for any like for like parts.

For clutch services in Birmingham, call us now on 0121 356 6000.

If you have any problems with your clutch and don’t get it checked out, it can lead to dangerous consequences. Your clutch controls your speed and allows you to maintain control over your vehicle.

Without maintaining your clutch, you could cause further problems and more damage to your gearbox and other important components of your vehicle.To identify a problem with your clutch, there are a few warning signs that tell you to have your clutch checked by a specialist.

Signs to spot early clutch failure:

If you are having trouble changing gear, accelerating, or find the clutch is squeaking or grumbling when pressed, it is likely there is a problem that needs to be addressed and replaced.

  • Lots of revs not much movement
    Known as clutch slipping, this is one of the major signs that your clutch is on its way out. This is due to the inevitably of friction wearing the gripping material down, your vehicle will produce a high amount of revs and little movement as the clutch is struggling to find grip.
  • No Pressure needed
    If you are finding that your clutch is not needing much force to move a weighty spring loaded disc this can mean that the hydraulics are having problems with resistance, commonly due to fluid leaks and build up of air.
  • Frequent gear grinding
    If you are experiencing gear grinding frequently it could mean that there is a problem with your synchronizers. the purpose of the synchronizer is to match the speed so that the gear can be engaged.
  • High Biting point
    If you are noticing that when changing gear, your biting point is rather high this can be a good indicator that your clutch is worn. The thinner the disc, the less bite you need. It is highly advised that you don’t leave this too late to get seen, otherwise you may start experiencing a lot of clutch slipping.

At TT Auto Centres in Birmingham, we can address any problems you have with your clutch with either a repair or a replacement. As clutch specialists, we work quickly to ensure you are back on the road safely. We also provide free clutch checks to address any concerns you may have about your vehicle.

Free Clutch Checks

If you feel that your clutch is slipping, or that you are having problems with hill-starts, come in for a FREE clutch diagnosis.

We provide car services throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. Call us now on 0121 356 6000 for more information on our free clutch checks.

If you are not experiencing any of these symptoms but are still concerned about your vehicle, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

At TT Auto Centre, we provide high-quality advice and services to all our customers, throughout Perry Barr, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

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